My Selfie Story


Instagram as a puzzle game



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My Selfie Story is a puzzle game in which you assume the role of an attractive young woman who decides to start uploading photos to her Instagram account. There is no shortage of selfies, nor of pictures of food, the beach, or her cat.

The gameplay of My Selfie Story is divided into two distinct parts. From the main menu, you'll see an imitation of an Instagram profile, including this young woman's profile picture, her pictures, her followers, and so on. From here, you can press the button to get a new picture and start the puzzle part of the game.

The puzzles in My Selfie Story are as simple as they are fun. Colored balls will fall from the top of the screen, following the laws of physics, so that eventually they will pile up on each other. Your goal is to touch a ball of a certain color to make all the balls of the same color explode. On some levels, you'll have a limited number of touches, and on other levels, you'll have a limited amount of time, and on others, you'll simply need to get a particular color to burst.

My Selfie Story is a game full of simple and fun puzzles. While it is not a particularly original idea, it is still more refreshing than most other Candy Crush clones.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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